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When you are dealing with the pain and limitation of injuries sustained due to someone else's negligence or facing the wrath of the government being charged with a crime, you need aggressive representation and sound legal advice. You need a warrior to fight with and for you. Warrior Woman Law, PLLC, is a Kitsap County based law firm serving primarily Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston, Mason, Jefferson, King, and Snohomish counties.

We are passionate about justice. Whether that be seeking justice from a negligent party who injured you or fighting for the ultimate justice, your freedom. Sunshine will work tirelessly to advocate for you and get you the justice you deserve.

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Gilmore v. Jefferson County Transit, 415 P.3d 212 (2018)

Mr. Gilmore was rear ended by a Transit bus and injured. The transit company did everything in their power to deny Mr. Gilmore justice, even hiring a private investigator to spy on him when he was out with his family. Sunshine was not deterred or intimidated by these tactics and fought hard at trial. She worked tirelessly with her client and his family so that she could really educate the jury as to how the injuries affected every aspect of Mr. Gilmore's life. The result a record $1.2M jury verdict. But the transit company was not done. The filed an appeal and eventually the case made its way to the Washington Supreme Court where the verdict was upheld and justice was done.

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Koester v. Iverson Trucking

This case arose in Clallam County. Mr. Koester was the passenger in a delivery van that was making a right-hand turn. A fully loaded logging truck was behind them and was not paying attention. When he realized the box van was slowing, the log truck driver shot to the right just as the box van was making the right-hand turn. The reluctant impact caused significant injuries to Mr. Koester. Instead of accepting responsibility, the log truck driver's insurance company blamed both Mr. Koester and the driver of his box van. Always up for a challenge, Sunshine took on the insurance company head on at trial resulting in a verdict of $525,000.

Baker v. Travelers

This was an Uninsured / Bad Faith case that was filed and tried in federal court in Seattle. At the time of the collision, Mr. Baker was an elderly gentleman who was providing support to his son's construction business when he was rear-ended on I-90 by an uninsured driver. When Mr. Baker attempted to use his Uninsured Motorist Protection Benefit, a benefit that his son had pain for on the vehicle for many years, they denied coverage. Even when the insurance company hired a nationally known law firm out of Colorado to defend the claim, Sunshine did not back down. She worked with the client, his family, and his doctors to understand the extent of his injuries. She also worked with experts in insurance contracts to prove that the insurer had acted in Bad Faith when they denied Mr. Baker's claim. Settled post-trial / pre-verdict for $500,000.

Powell v. August and Quick and Clear, Inc.

This case arose from an incident in which a Quick and Clear, Inc. employee failed to properly secure a ladder on his truck. The ladder flew off the truck on I-90 and landed in Mr. Powell's lane of travel. When he swerved to miss it he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. In addition to his physical injuries, Mr. Powell developed PTSD that affected his ability to be creative. As an artist by trade this was a huge impact on Keith's emotional and financial health. When the firm he had been working with tried to convince Mr. Powell to settle for $50,000, he reached out to Sunshine. She jumped in, driving to Coulee Dam to meet with Keith, his family, and his friends to see how this collision had impacted him. Next Sunshine put the insurance company on notice that their offer was offensively low and that we were ready to try the case. Despite being up against one of the largest and best known defense firm in Seattle, Sunshine was able to convey Mr. Powell's damages to the jury effectively; resulted in $175,000 jury verdict.

Civil Cases Highlights

  • Bicyclist hit by inattentive driver and suffered broken tibia and fibula. Sunshine got the at-fault party's $100,000 insurance limits within 90 days and then persued a UIM claim to a favorable result for her client.
  • Motorcyclist and passenger were hit by a driver who failed to yield the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection. Sunshine was able to secure the full policy limits from both the at-fault driver's insurance and the clients UIM carrier.
  • Young girl playing in her back yard with the neighbor kids was bit in the face by the neighbors dog when she went to retrieve a ball. The homeowners insurance tried to deny coverage but Sunshine was persistent, showing them step by step why there was coverage and noting that the insurance company could be on the hook for bad faith if they refused coverage. Settled for $225,000.
  • Family of elderly dimensia patient who was neglected while at a nursing home brought action to recover for their deceased mother's pain and suffering at the hands of understaffed and undertrained nursing home workers and uncaring nursing home management. Settled for a confidential amount that allowed the family some closure and resulted in changes to the policies and procedures of that nursing home.

Criminal Case Highlights

  • Client charges with felony possession of a controlled substance and distribution. Sunshine recognized that this client needed help, not jail. She worked with the client and her counselors to get client into a drug treatment facility. Worked with the court to get client released to the facility for treatment. Upon successful completion of the treatment program, Sunshine worked with the prosecutor to reach a plea agreement that did not include the client pleading to a felony. Client pled to attempted possession (a misdemeanor in the state of origin) and was sentenced to probation.
  • Client charged with felony assault. Sunshine immediately went to the jail to interview the client and quickly realized that something was amiss with the alleged victims story. Sunshine tracked down the alleged victim, interviewed her, and took the results to the prosecutor. The prosecutor realized the weakness in the case and offered a plea agreement to a misdemeanor disturbing the peace.
  • Client charged with felony domestic violence for allegedly strangling his wife. Sunshine hired an investigator to interview the alleged victim who gently brought the many inconsistencies in her story. Case was dismissed.
  • Client charged with DUI +.15 BAC. Sunshine was able to get client an alcohol evaluation that proved he was an alcoholic and needed treatment not jail. Client entered treatment and Sunshine secured a deferred prosecution that encouraged client to continue treatment and avoided jail.
  • Client charged with felony dealing in depictions of child pornography. Sunshine scoured the evidence collected by law enforcement to find the many places where proper procedures were not followed and constitutional rights violated. Although the client ended up being sentenced to a prison term, the term was much lower than originally offered by prosecutors.
  • Client charged with felony assault of a law enforcement officer for allegedly assaulting an officer during a psychotic break. Sunshine recognized right away that this client's mental illness was the problem and that this client did not belong in jail. Sunshine worked with the prosecutors to get client enrolled in Behavioral Health Court to allow client to get the treatment needed and avoid a potentially lengthy jail sentence.
  • Client charged with multiple offenses (including felony forgery). In talking with client it became very clear that at the heart of the activity was an untreated drug addiction. Sunshine worked with client and prosecutor's to get client into Drug Court to allow client to continue in her newly realized sobriety and avoid jail.

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