Associate Attorney
Anastasia Blakely - Associate Attorney

Associate Attorney

I come from a family of honest workers and passionate artists who taught me the value of respect. I went to a small alternative school with paintings of Dr. King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Che Guevara on the walls—forever reminding me that I must engage with my community, be the change I seek, and persevere in the fight for true justice. Because of these role models, I have always been committed to serving under-represented people with compassion and integrity. I also have learned that seeking justice requires thorough research, strategic planning, and zealous advocacy.

My work before law school, focused on services for low-income children, motivated me to attain a law degree and continue helping regular people who need an informed advocate in their corner. During law school, I continued to pursue a path in litigation. Most importantly, I learned to carefully investigate the facts, effectively negotiate settlements, and craft a compelling story for jurors.

Justice comes in many forms, but it is always worth fighting for. If your life has been altered by an injury, accident, or civil injustice, we will work together to develop a plan addressing not only your legal needs, but other aspects you need to be whole.

Anastasia will be focusing on our civil practice and is looking forward to working on getting justice for you!

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