Posted by Michael July 1, 2015

Sunshine Bradshaw is amazing! 5.0 stars

When I was rear ended by a transit bus in 2008, my whole world changed. I retained a lawyer shortly after the accident but over the next months, and then years, it was apparent that my original attorney had very little interest my case. I don’t know if he thought it was “loser” of a case, or the payout wouldn’t be worth his time. So, after some serious soul-searching and long discussions with my wife, we decided to search out another attorney. We found McMenamin & McMenamin, who agreed to take on my case. We didn’t have enough money to pay a retainer, but they (M&M) took over my case. Rich McMenamin had enough faith in Ms. Sunshine Bradshaw that he handed the case to her. Initially, she looked a little young (my wife & I are in our early 50’s & she’s about 10 years younger). Well, so much for appearances…she knows case law to an amazing degree. She also knows how to pick a jury & will work non stop to fight for you. She is always well-prepared and “prepped”me for trial with outstanding results. If I didn’t have her representing me to finish this 7 year nightmare of pain and suffering, justice would not have been served! Without this “GLADIATOR IN A SUIT “! I would not have received a verdict of 1.2 million! I highly recommend Sunshine Bradshaw ! Don’t hesitate!! You want her to be YOUR lawyer. Sunshine is a part of my family now. She took on Government on my behalf and kicked some ass!! I can’t say enough about this amazing lawyer.